About the Book

Life is all about ups and downs. Whenever you try to move forward, there will be forces pulling you back, making you clutter in problems and difficulties more. In Katies’s Complicated Life, the author discusses how Katie’s life seemed to fall apart in various stages of her life. There may have been times when she got hurt, but she still managed to deal with everything that came along and moved forward. Her story is the perfect narrative making us realize there can be many instances where we feel we can’t move ahead. In such a journey, Katie’s Complicated Life helps you understand that there is always a different pathway. Through her work, Darlene helps you understand that when you feel like you want to give up, that is precisely the point to push through.

Darlene is no stranger to having seen these kinds of circumstances. Her mother has faced the most challenging hardships every step of the way. Sometimes, she felt like her body was engraved with physical evidence of grief and loss. And no matter what she did, the darkness kept growing. Despite it all, she never stopped until the light reflected again, eradicating all that sadness. Katie’s Complicated Life by Darlene Smith is an epic story of loss and acceptance. It is an amazing book that will teach you what it takes to persevere and come through every challenge.


Chapter 1: The Start Of A Long Story
Chapter 2: The First Loss
Chapter 3: A Full House
Chapter 4: The Second Loss
Chapter 5: The Youngest Is Precious
Chapter 6: Growing Up
Chapter 7: Living Life Relentlessly
Chapter 8: Kateism
Chapter 9: Another Loss
Chapter 10: A Grandmother
Chapter 11: TBD
Chapter 12: TBD


Life – A Never-Ending Journey

Katie’s Complicated Life by Darlene Smith will motivate you to live in the present and not get carried away by emotions.

Keep Going On

Katie’s Complicated Life teaches you to keep moving forward regardless of how difficult life may seem at times.

Dealing With Loss

Katie’s Complicated Life tells you how losing someone shouldn’t weaken you and how to keep strong during such a loss.

Look Within Yourself

Katie’s life story will have you reflect upon your life and spawn the strength within you that you never knew existed.

Why Read It

Katie’s Complicated Life by Darlene Smith focuses on the idea of enjoying life. It talks about how you can go through several challenges in life and never allow them to consume you. Darleen’s story sheds light on how dealing with grief should not necessarily be painful and how people can deal with it positively.

The book serves as hope for all those going through a major loss, a reminder that everything will be okay. It serves as a reminder to be a helping hand to all those parents who have lost a child. Katie’s Complicated Life will motivate you to take notice of your own life and reflect upon your choices. Her story will teach you what it means to be strong and face life head-on.